'Garden It' Is Doing It's Bit!!!


We operate differently to most companies, its a must for the future of our environment and the well-being of our customers and their families and garden users.

Environmental actions

- No Herbicides, Pesticides or Nitrogen

- 'No dig' to promote soil health and use of mulch and muck in our borders,

- The beginning of electric tools to reduce emissions and also for a quieter work environment.

 -Overwintering some standing border dead wood to help small fauna.

- Introduction of dead wood and piles under hedges and in hidden spots to help hedgehogs.

- Reduction of plastic use and packaging along with recycling where possible.


- New planting sites for trees and increasing carbon capture through regenerative garden practices

- Keep working on reducing mileage and our fuel efficiency

- Switch to Aspen for the few small petrol tools we have left

- Battery mower for smaller gardens

- Continue with litter picking when we see it. 

2019-20 Missions Completed

- Installing compost bins in all gardens possible

- Small raised beds (where space) for home grown veg and herbs. 

- In garden shredding and composting to reduce the need for transporting waste out and nutrients back in. 

- Electric vehicle in the future plans but decided to maximise life of old vehicles and improve driving style. 

- Increase percentage of Electric tools

- Use of Aspen fuel for small machinery to improve work environment, and emissions in gardens, with a reduced fleet of petrol tools this is now an option but we are still looking at bulk purchasing. 

- Reduce worked area and focus on local business by targeted advertising.  - See litter and pick it up ethos with workers - Reusable cups and bottles for drinks whilst on the job,  - Set up a tree planting scheme for winter 2020, For every full labour day per man we will plant a tree on local land.


 Most of all we want to educate customers and also schools on how we can best look after the planet. We are the future and we must all make little changes to habits to make big differences.