On our travels we come across various objects that are unwanted by the customer so here is our Outdoor Aladdin's Cave


We produce our own garden compost, I use it widely in our customers gardens and its perfect for soil improvement, raised beds,

 planting and for mulching around the base of trees and shrubs. We are happy to deliver 2 tn loads to sites within Harrogate but we do suggest the use of a tarp to stop surfaces getting muddy. Alternatively you can collect with your own trailer although the yard does get messy at this time of year so a 4x4 is recommended.

Delivered 2tn load within Harrogate Area - £150+vat
Self collection - By weight - £30 per tn +vat

Antique Garden Rollers

We have two antique rollers in our collection both in working order. One  large concrete filled cast iron counterbalanced roller and a smaller cast iron split roller, Perfect as the day they were made and a good workout too. 

Large roller - £50+vat
Delivery £10+vat in Harrogate District

York Stone Crazy Paving

10 Sqm of York Crazy Paving - Price per Metre £20